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“The seven pony tails”

“When I was 13 years old, a young mare, only one year old, suffered a severe injury to her head.
After the vet left, I stayed with her late into the night. This may be the first time I learned the importance of presence. A simple presence to the other but above all to oneself.

After many hours of silence, a soft, deep, warm, colorful silence as the origin of the world, I heard myself say to the little mare : “Humans are sometimes awkward, hurtful, cruel. These same human beings are also gentle, kind, attentive. They are not bad. Life is beautiful, there are beautiful things to live for, it is worth continuing … “.

After a while, the mare got up and began to graze her hay.

A few minutes later, she raised her head and looked me straight in the eye.
Did she speak in me ? I don’t know but I heard : “You too, you have to

I wondered : “What was I supposed to believe ? That human being are not bad? That, it’s time to recovering confidence in my own specie ? That horses can help humans regain the sens of humanity ? “



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